Monday, 12 November 2012

whole lotta love

Continuing on our excessive dribble theme (despite his amber necklace)...

Teddy adores his Mama. This is obvious. How I know? He kisses me at every opportunity. An extremely wet, open-mouthed face plant anywhere on me. Nose, cheek, mouth, forehead, knee, eyebrow (that one is interesting because I can see it happening!)...the list goes on.

If we are outside, add 'cold' to the list too. I routinely wonder why my face is damp, then think "ohhhhh...right...".

Whilst being carried, kiss. Whilst busy playing on the floor together, kiss. Whilst climbing all over to try and get something (usually something he isn't allowed to touch), stop and kiss. Then keep climbing!

Whilst snuggling in Mama's bed on chilly mornings...kiss. The best snuggles after all, are bubby snuggles.


  1. How lovely to be so smothered in kisses!

    1. I know! Just wait - Iggy will be smothering you in wet ones in no time! xox