Friday, 21 June 2013

my little independent man

At about 2:15pm this afternoon, I found myself thinking about and missing my little playmate. I had finished the piece of code I'd needed to for the day and thought it would be neat to get Teddy early. So so so glad I did!

After picking up Teddy, we went off to the fruit & veg shop to pick up a few things. My lil' man held my hand and walked proudly into the shop. Bliss. He helped pick out the veg, helping to put them in the basket. Bliss. He pottered about as I paid for the groceries and charmed the lady at the till. Bliss. He held my hand and walked back to the car. Bliss.

To top the rainy afternoon off, Teddy used his spoon and fingers to (practically) feed himself dinner. This is a huge step forward for his independence. He started feeding himself with gusto at about 9 months but his enthusiasm petered out by about 12 months...I suppose because he had other things on his mind! I am so happy and proud he has started to show interest in feeding himself again. Bliss.

Now he has found his feet, there is no stopping tiny Teddy as he walks around and laughs his head off - apparently his new-found skill is hilarious! Bliss.

Sunday, 16 June 2013

snoozy snuggles

Teddy is taking this year's cold and flu season hard, as his immune system adjusts to spending more time away from home than ever before...being snotted on playing with all his new friends. He is tired by the afternoon, laying his head on my lap and wriggling to be picked up (this invariably involves putting his foot up on the couch and making a big show of attempting to get up, knowing I know he can do it himself...but still wanting a lift!).

He sits on my lap and impatiently waits for 'lolo'. Enthusiastically he snuggles in close, sucking with all the might he can muster. Within minutes his eyes are shut and his breathing has slowed. I settle back, closing my eyes as I drift off too. When I wake, he has unlatched himself and is breathing gently against my skin.  I panic, thinking it must be late (fifteen minutes has past, I have at least another twenty before I must rouse him).

And so we begin the end of another day. Another somewhat snotty but sunny and joy-filled day.

I like winter and its snuggles.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

oh, that feeling

Self-satisfaction. The sweet look you get when you put the lid on your sippy cup, knowing I hadn't seen you do that before - right the first time.

That smirk you get as you walk toward the washing machine.

It is a great feeling. One I know you will feel more of.

Saturday, 8 June 2013

these boots were meant for walking

Well, for Teddy it was more "this broom was meant for sweeping". With dust brush in hand Teddy wobbled strode toward me. Then he sat. Then he stood up & off he went again.

Toddling. Indescribable joy.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

home, where you leave your heart

This past week Daddy has been home and we have spent the short, wintery days holed up in family bliss.

This past week I *accidentally* referred to site as hubby's 'home' and used the phrase 'when you come to stay...'. HA! Come to stay - in his own house! Hilarious!

In my defense, I feel like we are on holidays when he is home. Then he goes and Teddy and I begin 'real life' anew. Then he returns a few weeks later and boo-yah, holidays again!

Begs the question though...where is home? Well, for me, home is where my wee family is. This means for 3/4 of the time, part of my home is out west...because half my heart is.

Do you consider home to be where your loved ones are or does a particular place resonate with your soul?

Saturday, 1 June 2013


We just got home from lunch with my hubby's side, complete with Teddy's great-uncle & great-grandma. Needless to say, excellent time had by all - especially the little boy who practically put himself to bed once arriving home.

Here is to all the families of the world. Family rocks!