Sunday, 16 June 2013

snoozy snuggles

Teddy is taking this year's cold and flu season hard, as his immune system adjusts to spending more time away from home than ever before...being snotted on playing with all his new friends. He is tired by the afternoon, laying his head on my lap and wriggling to be picked up (this invariably involves putting his foot up on the couch and making a big show of attempting to get up, knowing I know he can do it himself...but still wanting a lift!).

He sits on my lap and impatiently waits for 'lolo'. Enthusiastically he snuggles in close, sucking with all the might he can muster. Within minutes his eyes are shut and his breathing has slowed. I settle back, closing my eyes as I drift off too. When I wake, he has unlatched himself and is breathing gently against my skin.  I panic, thinking it must be late (fifteen minutes has past, I have at least another twenty before I must rouse him).

And so we begin the end of another day. Another somewhat snotty but sunny and joy-filled day.

I like winter and its snuggles.

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