Tuesday, 4 June 2013

home, where you leave your heart

This past week Daddy has been home and we have spent the short, wintery days holed up in family bliss.

This past week I *accidentally* referred to site as hubby's 'home' and used the phrase 'when you come to stay...'. HA! Come to stay - in his own house! Hilarious!

In my defense, I feel like we are on holidays when he is home. Then he goes and Teddy and I begin 'real life' anew. Then he returns a few weeks later and boo-yah, holidays again!

Begs the question though...where is home? Well, for me, home is where my wee family is. This means for 3/4 of the time, part of my home is out west...because half my heart is.

Do you consider home to be where your loved ones are or does a particular place resonate with your soul?


  1. I definitely think that taking my family with me (first just Josh, and now Josh and Iggy) to Canada made it easier to find a home there, and then again as we resettle in Brissie now. But I do think for me that it's bigger than that too. I think we really felt 'at home' in Canada once we also had friends and a support network around us, once we knew our way around a little bit and felt a connection to the place...

    1. I also feel at home in Scotland with my extended family - I'm not sure why, but I only have good emotion and memories of it so I suppose that has a lot to do with it. So glad you have returned to our corner of the world!