Wednesday, 27 March 2013

bubbly little bubba

In a follow up to our bath woes, bubbles have helped. Adding a little of his shampoo to the running water and making everything sudsy has distracted Teddy from his hysterical reaction to all things bath. Fun is not yet being had, but calmness has once more entered our bathroom and thus our lives of an evening.


Sunday, 24 March 2013

water water water

Once our friend, now our foe.

The scream-and-crawl-away-as-fast-as-he-can reaction to the bath being poured (let alone being in the bath...that borders on hysteria) began this last week and has got progressively worse each night. 

Today has been about gently reintroducing Teddy to his bath, after an unknown scare has built it into a big, scary place in which he does not want to be.

Cups of water to play with in an empty bathtub this morning, tonight the same with the bath tap trickling in the background. With love, patience and good memories I hope to have my bouncy water babe back in no time!

Thursday, 21 March 2013

little lessons

Bubby had his two little girlfriends over today to play. They were born the same week & us mummies connected instantly when we met soon after they were born. As they grow, very different personalities emerge...

Today's (& the next 3 years!) lesson? Sharing. Two (Teddy included) of the little ones are still working on it!

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

mummy who?

The look on my son's face when his beautiful nanny arrives of a morning...happy and smiley with a touch of "mummy you can go now"! Yesterday was the first and only morning there was a little protest when I left (thank goodness, I was starting to worry I wasn't needed!) - today he was completely fine again.

I am so proud of my independent and confident little boy, he definitely loves his mum (he clings a little when I am around...he doesn't enjoy going to other people from my arms) but has had no problems being cared for by someone else three morning a week.

Et moi? How am I going with the return to study? Well, after the first week I am going to say it is going swimmingly. I am enjoying focusing on a project that I own and am in control of. I am enjoying needing to be somewhere with something to do that has a deadline (although it is difficult wrapping my brain around thinking again) and I firmly believe Teddy is benefiting from the French language immersion he is experiencing.

All in all, at the conclusion of week is going great!

Sunday, 17 March 2013


The fly-in-fly-out lifestyle is not for the faint hearted. Today was good & happy & lonely & sad all at once.

My husband & I had a small spat over Skype (he had just woken up grumpy, Teddy was the same so I was not in the mood for two grumps!)...these are interesting as it is the only time we talk so if it is unpleasant we tend to sit & scowl over the video feed rather than hang up. Inevitably one of us will text later to apologise...

But before our argument I had felt the absence of my love more keenly. Sundays will do that I suppose. More Papas about, families enjoying their weekend together. Once again I woke tired, Teddy teething means a night of I write he is struggling to get back to sleep. He only went to bed a couple of hours ago & thus I struggle to be optimistic about our prospects for a longer sleep tonight.

We went for a walk, played in the park, had coffee at Teddy's favourite cafe (he drank water & nibbled some gingerbread), went fruit shopping & had a wonderful meal at his grandparents house. All good & happy.

Tomorrow is a PhD day for me, five hours of productive study as the nanny plays with Teddy. Yep, tomorrow I will swallow the fog of exhaustion clouding my usually boundless happiness & work.

It isn't always sunshine & fun. Teddy's Papa is missing & it is hard. We have a goal & so I know it is worth the heartache now. Another week plus a bit & he will be back.

Lucky we aren't faint hearted!

Saturday, 16 March 2013

little pleasures

Infinitely grateful today that my favourite pastime - lunch & coffee out with family - is exactly what Teddy enjoys doing too. My nearly-one-year-old could sit happy as a clam in his highchair for over an hour, chatting away whilst people watching & munching on a snack.

Teddy, you are my go-to coffee date. I heart you.

Friday, 15 March 2013

park it

Playgrounds are our new thing. Teddy walked up the stairs to the slide...except he can't walk yet. Held onto the handrail & up he climbed. Heart stopping? Yes. Adorable? Absolutely!

Thursday, 14 March 2013


First fever.

First high five.

First time he helped bake a cake.

First taste of coconut yogurt.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013


Today is a day I will remember forever. You are 11 and a half months old. It is your first day without me, where someone other than your Papa or a Nana is caring for you. Today you are spending 7am until 12noon with your wonderfully spectacularly amazing nanny.

Monday was an adjustment day, where she spent our morning with us as we went about our usual routine. As it was Papa's last day before flying out that night, he & I sneak off for a coffee alone while you were sleeping. Tuesday we spent another day altogether, longer this time. I left you two alone for an hour so you could get to know each other without my interference. Teeny tiny Teddy, you are so grown up. You took to our wonderful Mary Poppins without skipping a beat. At the end of her day, about 20 minutes to go, you needed me. That was 1:20pm in the afternoon. She had been with us since 7am, you were worn out from all the fun!

Today you are alone together until 12noon. I am catching up on my blog (lest I forget anything by leaving it too long!) and going to the dentist. Running errands and getting ready to begin my real work next Monday. My PhD work.

I admit wholeheartedly to being apprehensive about this change. About leaving you with someone for 3 (half) days per week. I feel guilt about needing to finish my degree, about 'choosing' it over you. But I also will admit that this morning, as I kissed you goodbye and jumped in the car at 7:15am, I did not cry. I am not sad. You were busy playing, you have a whole morning of French immersion (we specifically chose a French native speaker) and I know you will be absolutely fine. Yes, I feel guilty about leaving. To be brutally honest though…next week I don't think I will. I am ok with needing to complete my study. It is for my and my family's benefit.

Am I a little sad you seem to have adjusted so well to my absence? Yes. And then I am proud. Proud you are such an independent and confident child who is so comfortable in your surroundings. I am looking forward to the hug you will give me when we reunite in an hour. Perhaps then I will cry...

first step 24.02.13

24 February 2013.

I will remember this date.

This was the day that you took a step unassisted.

You let go of the cupboard and took an unsupported step toward the drawer beside it. It was one step…but it was a great one, witnessed by three other proud onlookers to your achievement.

You haven't done anything close to walking since…so we will have to keep a close eye, in case you are practising in secret...

snotty snuggles

Aunty's 50th birthday was this weekend, so she and my cousin Willz were heading down to London to stay with my other cousin. We were staying behind, looking forward to some time to ourselves and honestly with the popularity of Teddy, our own busy social calendar!  Alas, by Friday afternoon we were ill.

Saturday night Teddy woke every hour to feed and cuddle, before slipping back into a restless slumber. Sunday morning began earlier than usual for us, him waking beside me after eventually being brought into my bed at some stage the night before. His snotty little nose happiest spreading snot over my shoulder or chest, depending on where he was snuggling his head at the time…

By Sunday afternoon, he was well on his way to recovery while my head cold took a turn for the worse (typically!) - although I am extremely grateful that this has been my first and only proper illness since the beginning of my pregnancy. Breastfeeding I believe, has shielded both of us in some mystical, wonderful and simply breathtaking way. This is based on my own experience and in no way is a scientific observation!

He stays a wee bit snotty for the next day or so. We treasure our snotty snuggles as he buries his head into my shoulder…I take comfort in his need to stay close, even though he feels better.

It is so lovely to be so loved by someone so small!

knock knock

Knock on wood.

Knock on doors. And windows.

Knock on walls. And tables. And chairs.

Knock on the floor. On each step as you climb them.

Knock, knock. Who's there? Teddy of course! You grin from ear to ear when we knock back, pleased with your new skill and game.

standing alone, part one

You are growing up, young one. You are standing alone now, unsupported by me or anyone else. You cruise with ease, cutting laps of the kitchen or lounge room…babbling away about your newly found physical prowess.

I believe you will take steps soon.

the scone

We spend much of our time in cafes (or coffee shops as they are commonly known over here) - trying this one and that one, going to all my Aunt's favourite places. We have much in common, my Aunt and I, and a love of fine coffee is definitely one of them.

One afternoon, while Teddy sleeps in the car, we drive through to Bancory. Along the way, we stop at Woodend Barn - a wonderfully restored barn, converted into an open, welcoming and (most importantly) warm cafe/restaurant. We order lunch and it is marvelous. As usual, I am eating a dish I would struggle to find at home (usually a game pie or similar) and I order Teddy a scone.


This scone (I won't say the best I have had, lest I offend the makers of many a great Scottish scone I was lucky enough to enjoy whilst visiting) was big and soft and tasty and lovely. I break bits off for Teddy and my Aunt attempts to keep him from standing up in the strapless highchair (not easy!). Teddy tastes a bit. Then, as I break off some more…my Aunt bursts out laughing! I turn my eyes back to my son.

Not content with a little bit, Teddy has picked up the source of his delight and was attempting to wrap his lips around the entire scone! His jaw seemed as if it may dislocate, although I too have this reptilian skill of opening a seemingly small mouth wide…handy if the need to bob for apples arises. It looked extremely comical, the scone was roughly half the size of his wee head.

Needless to say, I am proud of my son for his intelligence in deducing how to get more of a good thing! He later went on to make such a large pile of crumbs under his chair we apologised to the amazing staff profusely as we left.

early morning snuggles

We are home and settled back into our wee corner of the world. I have been lazy with this space of late, living (and sleeping) and getting back to normality. I intend to continue my posting as if I never stopped though…continuing from my last Scottish tidbit onto the next...

The mornings are dark and chilly. Teddy sleeps less well here in general than at home, however he has settled now into a somewhat similar pattern. Our mornings begin early, I skip (trudge) up the stairs at 5-something (this is the third maybe fourth - second if it was a great night! - time I have done this since putting him in his bed last night) and greet a crying little boy, standing in his cot.

By the time he is out of his sleeping bag, in my arms then out of the room he is calm and excited to start our day. Our first ritual is to tumble into my sofa bed in the lounge room, to snuggle while Teddy has his morning feed. I leave the lights off, eternally hopeful that this will encourage a little more sleep. Rarely it does, Teddy enjoys his milk whilst wriggling into a number of awkward positions. But no matter. It is this time of the morning, these few minutes, where the chilliness and the dark are lovely.

A little boy pulls off and grins at me in the dark. He starts babbling, presumably listing off all the things he will do today. I get up, turn on a lamp & BBC World News (his favourite!) - Teddy settles down to get a new nappy and some warm clothes over his pyjamas. Eventually we will head into the kitchen, for his 'toastie fingers' and my coffee.

The mornings really are chilly…and dark…and early...

But they are lovely.