Monday, 31 December 2012

toothier toothy grin

Already you have two toothy pegs. Now you have the top two middle toothy pegs too. I am sure two more are on their way to add to your bottom set.

I sigh as I apply gel and hope you will sleep peacefully, untroubled by any ache moving teeth may cause.

You smile at me as you lick my finger, I am convinced your tongue is now numb, moreso than your little gums...

Sunday, 30 December 2012

secret smiles

Secret smile #1: Shared by the two of us just before you breastfeed (provided you are not upset or convinced you are about to die of starvation...)...

Secret smile #2: Your new little expression shared with the world. You look mischievous as you suppress a grin, your little cheeks dimpled as your eyes tell the true story...

Thursday, 27 December 2012


Teddy, you had 3 Christmas celebrations this year. One for my family, one for the actual day & one for Papy's family.

I love you received heartfelt gifts & noone went overboard. Santy Claus was generous & left you a lovely copy of 'Diary of a Wombat' complete with a little plush wombat. You enjoy sucking his little carrot hanging from his mouth.

You enjoyed Christmas lunch, munching on roast chicken & smiling like crazy at Great-grandaddy Joe. You spent Christmas morning at the beach & slept through lunch with Papy's family.

All in all I think we have a wonderful collection of memories, full of love & laughter.


Covered in sand from head to toe, you busily sweep your hand from side to side - showering us in the process. I am astounded you did not have any in your eyes, showing off the functionality of your super-long lashes.

A true beach babe...

Saturday, 22 December 2012

mum's the word

I always said I would count your first word as the first word you said in context, that you should understand the meaning of it before we could count it...

My pleasure that your first word is 'mum-mum' is overflowing. I am so proud...and your Papy is now busy teaching you 'papa'!

Thursday, 20 December 2012

the beach

Yesterday marked a spectacular day in our little man's life - his first swim in the ocean.

Indeed, the first time he had felt sand on his feet & salt on his skin. We were prepared for it to be an acquired taste, for a little face to screw up & a wail to be heard. Nope. Not even a little bit...well, maybe a little wail when Papy walked him into the 'big' waves.

Teddy - you loved the beach. Papy took you again today & you loved it even more. Summer is complete already & it has hardly begun...

oh Christmas tree oh Christmas tree

A little face alight with wonder & hope, aglow with the coloured lights. Christmas time is magical, for young & old.

Teddy is feeling the magic of his first tree, we are feeling the magic of watching him.

tag, you're it!

Labels labels labels...oh how I adore thee.

To flick or suck or tug...the endless pleasure of a tag!

Friday, 14 December 2012

favourite story

Our favourite story is "that's when I'm happy" by Beth Shoshan & Jacqueline East. It is a lovely story about a baby bear & what makes him happy.

On the last page the picture is of the Mama Bear, the Baby Bear & the Papa Bear all sleeping together - I point out the Mummy Bear, the Baby Bear & the Papy Bear to Teddy. "Just like us" I say - "Your Papy will be home soon" - Teddy holds a side of the book in each hand, then gently kisses the Mama Bear. "Ooooh - did you just kiss that Mama Bear? How lovely Teddy - what about your Mama Bear?" I ask...

He looks around at me, smiles a little & then gently kisses the Mama Bear in the book again...

Teddy - you just meant a kiss for something that wasn't a person for the first time. Words cannot describe my pride...I heart you.

Thursday, 13 December 2012

a new friend

Today we met your nanny. She was spectacular, our own Mary Poppins. I knew when I chatted to her on the phone she was it. Our meeting just confirmed it one thousand times over.

You charmed her, smiling widely & stealing her keys to chew.

It is with much reluctance I will return to my doctorate next April, preferring to while my days away with you...having adventures & exploring our world. No matter how much I wish it were otherwise, I must & so you will have a wonderful friend to play with. You will learn so so much - I am excited for you & anxious for myself.

This is the prelude to a new chapter, it will be a great one I am sure...

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

sleeping through

I did not want to post about Teddy sleeping through the night at the ripe old age of 8 months - I did not want to jinx it. has been a week now and 6:30pm until 5am has become the new normal and I am finding it hard to keep all my enthusiasm for this inside! So...

Teddy - I have obsessed over our sleep for some months now. Now we are having what I need (that is, a decent amount...) I will just say...

thank you

That is all.

Monday, 10 December 2012


You sat with wide eyes, small in your carseat in the large interior of the tow truck. You gazed around, still dazed from your nap.

Our car needed a new tyre - it blew while we were blasting down the highway. Vulnerable we were, you napping in the backseat - me sitting in the driver's seat - on the side of a busy M1. Trying not to think of the tradegy that had befallen a family of five only a night or two ago, very close to where we were.

Thank goodness for roadside assist. When you are older, Teddy, and you have your very own car: you will be getting it. No argument.

Sunday, 9 December 2012

hopeful wonder

You spend quite a bit of your time hanging onto the playpen bars around the telly, trying to get at the Christmas presents inside. I thought you were too young yet to experience the anticipation of gifts wrong I was!

To somewhat sate your need, we opened a gift at the Christmas party today. It was a toy truck, your first gift this Christmas. You enjoyed equally the paper & the box, & have since warmed to the truck itself.

I know you will love every gift this holiday, as you love the people giving them...

Friday, 7 December 2012


I sit here tonight, busy with needle & thread, stitching a colourful design that will be the centerpiece of your Santa sack.

It is tradition on my side of the family that a child receives their gifts from Santa in a sack placed at the end of the bed, & sweets in the stocking hung nearby. These presents were allowed to be opened as soon as we woke on Christmas morning. Those under the tree had to wait until our grandparents arrived, usually around 10am. The waiting was a torture I remember keenly!

Teddy, you will not be receiving sweets for Christmas - this year or ever - from us at least. But you will receive a gift from Santa in your sack placed at the end of your bed, provided you have been good of course!

Your sack will be made by me, with love. I began late this year, optimistic it will be finished and thus I sit here stitching whenever you close your wee eyes in slumber. Speaking of, I had better continue lest it be next year by the time Santy has a place to leave your gift!

Thursday, 6 December 2012

late night raspberries

I quietly shut the windows & close the curtains, moving around your bedroom with a stealth only a mother knows. I tuck you in, my little son, I caress your head.

As I enter my bedroom, next door, I hear it. Loudly.

You are blowing raspberries.

a bucket

A bucket and water is all you need for fun in the Queensland summer.

As good as any kitchen sink, the added benefit of the bucket is its portability. Teddy can enjoy a splash in the green of the backyard.

Just as nature intended!

the girls

Tiny Teddy, you are a chick magnet. The vast vast vast majority of your little friends are girls.

Three of them visited today to play. You loved (ahem, 'squashed') each of them in turn, you passed (ahem, 'stole' or rather 'snatched') toys back and forth to one another, you stood next to little M as you both used the couch for pulled hair, they poked you. Fun was had by all.

As you grow, I hope you look back at the photos of this time with warmth in your heart. I will.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012


Tiny Teddy has discovered his reflection in the new glossy cabinets that make up the new kitchen.

Almost a hour was spent searching for his twin, the baby boy stuck in the door or drawer he was sitting in front of (or standing against...he has also found the handles...).

What a wonderfully unexpected joy this change has brought us?


Bliss is summer...

tiny Teddy having a 'spa' in the kitchen sink.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012


The right of a woman to birth her baby naturally without unnecessary intervention is something I am extremely passionate about. In lieu of writing my own post, Nikki Fisher of 'the wholefood mama' has written a lovely piece on this subject.

You can find it here.

One of these days I will write Teddy's birth story. It is long and thus I has become wonderfully foggy!

Monday, 3 December 2012

nakey time

Teddy & I spent an hour or so on my bed this afternoon - Teddy was catching up on some long overdue nappy-free time.

To facilitate this blissful expression of babyhood, I cover the entire bed with a waterproof mattress protector. It is a souvenir from my pregnancy...convinced my waters could break at any moment, unwilling to risk my bed, I invested in what has become a very handy item as Teddy & I strive to stay cool in this heat.

Teddy relished his freedom & I dodged the odd puddle...

Sunday, 2 December 2012

smooshy squashy love

Teddy's particular way to love is a tad violent...he seems to believe if your face is not bruised (or battered or wet with dribble or grazed by his toothy pegs or you have hair left) he is not doing his job of loving you (& kissing you & sucking your nose or cheek or eyebrow) effectively.

I love his method of loving...I intend to enjoy it as I may not live through it! to ice my face while he naps...

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Narna & Grampy

We spent the night with Teddy's Narna & Grampy last night. Teddy was adorable, giggling away with Grampy as they got into mischief on the couch. Hanging over my arm, stretching toward his Narna.

Crawling and climbing all over them as we sat on their bed, enjoying our morning coffee in the sunlight.