Wednesday, 7 August 2013

stepping away / simplifying life

This is a bit of a sad post for me to write, but it is a necessary one. I do not like to admit defeat and am quite determined to see this 'goodbye for now' as a positive step towards the simplification of my life.

It hit me this morning as I pegged out the washing, loving the beautiful weather and warmth of the sun on my face...blogging had begun to weigh on me as something I felt guilty for not doing. Uh-oh, as my darling Teddy would say. Alarm bells started tinkling in my mind. When did my release become my burden? How awfully awful! So...

It turns out this idea of stepping away for a while from this online outlet has been mulled over in my subconscious for a while. Inspired by the lovely Jodi to begin practicing simplicity, I have been keen to live my life mindfully, something I occasionally struggle with.

In keeping with this, something has to give for a time - between the demands of a blossoming 16 month old, being a FIFO family and my desire to complete my PhD sometime within the next 1000 years - I have realised that I cannot have it all, all the time. And that is more than ok.

So, goodbye for now...