Wednesday, 28 November 2012

standing tall, part 2

Little Teddy, you are rapidly becoming an adventurous worry for your Mama.

This morning I checked on you when you called out at 3:40am, tucked you in & left you to settle again. You were snug in your sleeping bag, cozy under your blanket. When you woke to begin the day 5:45am I skipped into your room, excited to see your smiley face. What did I find?

You. Standing. Sans Sleeping Bag. Leaning. On. The. Cot. Bars.

How did you wriggle out of your little bag? It was still tucked in...cozy under your blanket.

When did you get so tall? I lowered your cot, lest I find you crawling about your room tomorrow morning!

Why are you a climber? I feel this is the question I will most often ask myself over the next few years...

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