Friday, 9 November 2012

singing in the rain

We were productive today, tiny Teddy. Mummy thought it would be a great idea to get out into the fresh air...strapped on the baby carrier and off we went. To the corner store. For a drink of juice, because you know they stock Mummy's favourite.

Off we toddled, you gazing around at the world. Me chatting away to you, or randomly humming a tune, or singing something silly for you.

Halfway up the street, the skies opened on us and it poured with rain. Ha! We sought shelter under a tree and you were interested in experiencing a rain shower firsthand for the first time. The rain got heavier and our protective tree got drippier. We snuggled close and turned to melt further into our temporary saviour. You amused yourself batting the leaves, not at all concerned with the drips running down your nose.

Finally, after a little while, the rain slowed down enough for us to continue on our way. Let's face it - we were already rather wet (and drowned-rat-looking) so why not?

Once we arrived, you busied yourself with grabbing at Mummy's purse as she paid for her juice. Not bothered in the least about our hilarious hairstyles or wet cheeks.

Teddy - today you were caught in your first shower of rain. Given your wonder at this phenomenon, I hope this summer throws a few more our way...

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