Tuesday, 6 November 2012

slumber, part 3

Tiny Teddy...the emotions you stir in me are numerous, wonderful and large. The way you smile at me, the look of concentration when you are focused, the little bird expression when you open your mouth for the spoon...listening to you coo to yourself when you wake up in the morning, in the moments before you realise you are hungry!

I stirred this morning...still dozy...opened my eyes to what seemed like extremely bright light. It was. The sun was up, had been for a little while. It was 5am. 5 AM! I could not believe it - after all these months of waking once, twice, four plus times per night...you had done it. Slept through - 7pm until 5am.

In typical sleep-deprived-mother style, I have attempted to consider all possible reasons for this sudden change of heart from you. I know I will never know. I know you just fly by the seat of your nappy, taking each moment as it comes. But I did take pains to ensure you were in bed after the same little ritual at the same time. Just in case.

Only time will tell whether last night was a fluke or not. For now, in the moments before I too go to sleep, I will believe it is the start of something beautiful...

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