Monday, 15 October 2012

the slap

Little T, I'm sorry. There - I said it. Many, many times. You understand and you forgive. I'm sorry for the sharp sting of my fingers on your perfect little bottom - I'm happy I hesitated and you didn't pause your wriggle to notice.

I'm sorry I thought a small sting would make you stop and take notice. Really, it would not have mattered one jot had poo got everywhere if you moved while getting a new nappy...I could (and would) have easily cleaned it up.

I like to think I will not contemplate stinging you on the bottom with a little slap again, but the truth is I may. You are a wild, at times stubborn, little boy and I am sure we have many years of testing patience to come. Maybe one day you will test me to a point where I give you a smack. Maybe it will be firm enough and you'll notice.

I hope not.

I like to think we will work together on a form of 'discipline' that satisfies us both...your desire to learn how to navigate our world and my desire to teach you how.

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