Tuesday, 30 October 2012

movement in a forward direction

So little Teddy has been dragging himself about commando-style for a few weeks now - today is coordinated those limbs to shunt forward on his hands and knees. Woohoo for crawling bubba!

I am so proud of him. Apart from congratulating him on his achievements, I honestly have not been encouraging this behaviour...I am extremely proud he has got there anyway. He now wants to move around whenever he can, including at nap time in his cot!

In a related and cute aside, forward motion has also meant Teddy can get to the person he wants most - me! Often playing with his toys, he'll turn and catch my eye. Giving me a huge grin, he'll about-face and with surprising speed suddenly be tugging at my dress to be picked up.

As soon as he has had his cuddle though, he is wriggling to be put down again. Eager to continue exploring!

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