Sunday, 28 October 2012

silly mama

Babies are adorable when they are being cheeky. Fact. They are also adorable when they are being clever.

Yesterday afternoon I was preparing Teddy's dinner. Teddy was all set in his highchair, his Papy was sitting in front of him. They were giggling away, Papy singing silly tunes. I got Teddy's attention and did a silly dance to the silly tune.

The look Teddy gave me was one of complete bemusement. Without changing his expression, he turned toward his father to further demonstrate that he had not the foggiest what his mother had just been doing.

One knows that eventually your children will think you "uncool" and shoot you that look of complete "what-on-earth?". One does not think it will happen before the age of 7 months.

His father, of course, thought the entire situation hilarious. 

For the silly dances usually elicit giggles and/or squeals of delight.


  1. Hello and welcome Audrey to blog land it seems you are just beginning to blog, yes? Lovely to have you following along at my blog The Wholefood Mama. Your reflections here are lovely, I particularly like your post about breastfeeding. Happy blogging :)

    1. Thank you - I have just started (pretty obvious huh?), mainly to record Teddy's childhood and our life at the be honest, I didn't think anyone would read it or be interested! I enjoy your blog, so I really appreciate you taking the time to read mine.

      Much love, Audrey