Monday, 29 October 2012

that scent

Everyone knows babies smell amazing. I've always known this, but I believe that it isn't until you have one all of your own to smell that you truly 'get it'.

I remember my sister laughing to me about the day she cottoned onto what in particular she loved about her son's smell - he smelt like 'spit'! She giggled and said the spit smell of anyone else would be gross, but he was her baby and she adored his special scent.

Today, after Teddy woke from his nap I could not get enough. Never has inhaling been this good! That unique, warm, milky and slightly sweaty smell he exudes after a sleep just makes me want to snuggle him forever. I'm sure there is a scientific reason behind why we love the way babies smell, but reserve a special place for our own baby's scent. For once, I feel no need to find out how this science works...I am usually a person who enjoys knowing how things work. Not with this.

This time, I am just happy to sit back with my baby in my arms and breathe deep.

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