Thursday, 8 May 2014

the beat of his own drum

I surprised Teddy with a new book the other day, it is a musical one that plays 'Wheels on the Bus' when you press the button. The bus inside is filled with animals & he adores it. We spent the entire 1.5hr drive to my parents house singing the song & discussing how many 'but-a-flies' were around the bus, whether the 'z-bra' was driving or a passenger and so on.

After his father gets home from work of an evening & we've eaten dinner, Ted says 'Daddy running wit Theo' and races off around the kitchen island. One particular night, he set off running with his book tucked under one arm. 'Honey, I don't know if that's a good idea - pop the book down' I say to him, convinced he'll come unstuck on a corner & land awkwardly. Unsure, Ted looks around & then carefully puts his book down in the middle of his running track. Hmmm...I think. He turns to take a step & I prepare to move the book. He stops, pivots and crouches down. He presses the song button on the book, jumps up and races off.

To the sounds of 'Wheels on the Bus'.

His father raced after him, as usual. My son, setting up his own theme music to play while he made his getaway. Two is a good age.


  1. How cute! Lovely that daddy is home every night now! Must make dinner preps easier? I have heard from a few friends recently that two is a really lovely age. I suppose every age is new and exciting, but I am certainly enjoying my nearly-two-year-old at the moment xo

    1. Hello! It is great having Daddy home but alas, he arrives to find dinner on the table :) Two is definitely great, can be challenging (in a big way) but is equally hilarious :) xox