Monday, 28 April 2014

the parent I want to be

At times today I was not the parent I aim to be. Toddlerhood is challenging in ways that surprise me on a hourly basis. Today Teddy took a short car nap, on a day I really really really needed a nap of my own. Alas, it was not to be and my darling son tested me as he is wont to do on these sleepless days.

At times today I rose past my fatigue and was exactly the type of parent I aim to be. I'm off to bed now, without an ounce of mummy-guilt to keep me awake tonight. I said things in a tone of voice today I am not proud of and made me cringe as I heard myself. In equal measure my son was my delight today and I was his. We played trains and trucks and visited friends and went to our favourite coffee haunt for a babycino. We did puzzles and read story after story after story, sometimes different stories, often the same one on repeat. We showered together, him cuddled against me with the water on his back and his cheek on my shoulder. He giggled at my frustration with his cheekiness and I found enough 'yes' in today to counteract the amount of 'no'.

So off to bed now, with hopes that tomorrow I sneak in a nap - goodnight all.

Much love
Audrey xox


  1. and you know, sometimes it's a privilege to forget too... loved this. x