Sunday, 10 February 2013

fingers are for food

Teddy you love love love your food. A great little eater. I can remember each meal you have fussed...count them on one hand.

You are getting older. Snacks are part of our daily routine now too. Still giving you pureed/mashed food for your main meals, we have added finger foods either side to spice up your menu.

You wolf it all down. Yep, those fingers were made for stuffing banana, toast, crackers, scone...pretty much anything handed to you...into your open mouth. You stuff so much in at once you have to keep a hand over - sometimes in! - to hold it all inside while you suck/chew the piece of whatever into submission.

You chew at the very front of your mouth, usually with a bit hanging out, because that is where your teeth are. It is comical and you make me laugh out loud - every time.

Tiny Teddy...right now your fingers are most definitely for food!

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