Wednesday, 23 January 2013

an unlikely nap

Teddy, sometimes you do not fall asleep where I expect you to. Other times you fall asleep where I had completely written the entire event off...

Today, the sun peeped out from behind the heavy snow clouds and we practically ran outside for a walk. Thank you Ergobaby - thank you for preventing cabin fever & making the whole event so much easier!

You whinged a little as the icy breeze hit your cheeks and opened your mouth to eat the snow, which had begun again (it takes a long time to get those layers organised!). We walked straight to the shop to pick up a few things, singing along the way as we trudged. As I paid for our items and picked up our parcels, I glanced out the window.

White. Complete, utter, white. Heavy snow fell, very fast. Uh oh.

Slightly apprehensive, off we set again. You hummed happily, snuggled against my chest. Somewhere on the road toward home you fell asleep. Snowflakes rested gently on your eyelashes and you were at peace, content to let me take us to somewhere warmer.

An unlikely nap...who knew all you needed sometimes was a walk through the snow?


  1. Ahh lovely!! I adore those snugly baby carrying cuddles x

    1. It is like a very nice, long hug isn't it? xox

  2. this is just beautiful - sometimes you don't need pictures to be able to imagine this exactly. a credit to your words. x

    1. Thank you.

      I wonder sometimes if I should illustrate with pictures, but am not much of a photographer & am unsure I am ready to share my baby with the world just yet. I feel I need to be 'living in the moment' more regularly - and of course, by the time I have the camera ready the moment has passed...

      I would love to capture these moments on film for the days when my memories begin to fade. On the other hand, I am a little interested to think I may reread this in years to come & imagine it completely differently!

      Much love
      Audrey xox