Saturday, 30 May 2015

when normal is awesome

Oddly last Thursday we had nothing planned. No playdates...nowhere to be and no agenda. Daddy went to work before 7 (I'm loving the new job and its hours!) and Teddy, Evie and I prepared ourselves for the day ahead.

After a walk to the local cafe for a babycino, we wandered home to put Evie to bed. Teddy got out the playdough and for the next 40 minutes we rolled and cut and played Spiderman with the amazing stuff. After Evie woke, she fed then Ted started the vacuuming while us girls attacked the bathroom and toilet (Evie sucked the rubber ducky clean!). I should mention that this is the first time since Evie was born - 10 months old soon - that housework has been accomplished home alone with both of them*. By 11:30 in the morning I had finished! (I waited patiently until Ted had finished 'his turn' before whipping around the rest of the house with the vac)

We had lunch then chilled out together while Evie slept. Off to the shops for some bits and pieces then home to cook dinner and play. Magic.

Magic in the ordinary. The unremarkable day that flew by smoothly even when Ted was melting down and Evie wouldn't settle.

Pure magic.

*This is no small feat for me as I have struggled since I was pregnant with Evie. One day I'll share more.

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